David Haynes is a psychotherapist and scientist. His orientation is essentially Jungian, but he uses ideas from many areas of knowledge in his work. David was a registered psychologist from 1992 until retirement in 2014.  He has studied at the C G Jung Institute, Zurich and has worked with Jungian analysts in Switzerland and Australia.  He has degrees in psychology, drama and zoology.

Before David was a psychologist, David was a Lecturer in Zoology at the universities of London and Wales, then of Biochemistry at St Bartholomew’s and King’s College Hospitals, London. After migrating to Australia he became a principal hospital scientist at the Flinders Medical Centre in Adelaide.

After many years as a research scientist, David studied Drama, then studied briefly at the C.G. Jung Institut in Zurich, before taking a degree in psychology in 1982. His Jungian orientation came about while he was working as an actor and discovered that Jung’s ideas, (rather than those of Freud or Skinner), helped him in the inner exploration needed to create good theatre performance.

David qualified for registration by practice and became a senior lecturer in Psychology at the University of South Australia. In 2006-7 he created, and became programme director of, a Graduate Diploma in Jungian Studies at the University of South Australia. He also taught in many other areas, including Personality, Biological Psychology and psychology of the Media.

David has published widely in professional journals and is a co-author of Dream Works (Harper Collins). He is a past president of the C G Jung Society of South Australia and a past vice-president of the Australian Association for Psychological Type.